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Get paid for referrals down 6 levels & Make $1 Million FREE

Check out for a program you can join FREE and get paid
for your referrals down 6 levels at $3/$2/$1/$1/$1/$1 and get residual
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To start earning money for GuestList referrals, just email and we'll send you a unique code and weblink.

We can even give you graphic ads and text content so you can advertise on your website.

How It Works 

How much will I earn by giving a referral?
You will earn a $100 American Express Gift Card for every client you send us that signs up and pays a deposit for bookkeeping services at $100/month minimum.

When will I get paid for my referral?
In order for the referrer to receive his/her referral bonus, the client must pay their initial deposit to
Rent-A-Bookkeeper, Inc. for services rendered. You will receive your referral bonus within 8 business days after the payment has cleared.

Can I refer the same customer multiple times?
You can only claim one referral fee of $100 for each referral that qualifies .

Can I refer myself?
You cannot refer yourself to receive the referral fee.


What is a qualified referral*?

- Referral is qualified only when submitted using the form provided on this page.
  (this is how we track the referrals and send a referral confirmation receipt to your E-mail)
  Verbal referrals or referrals given by phone will not qualify.

- To qualify, the new referred client must sign up for monthly bookkeeping services at our $100 monthly   minimum. Once their initial deposit clears, you will receive an email from us to supply your address so   we can mail you an American Express Gift Card.

- Multiple referrals to the same client will not qualify. If two people refer the same client, the first referral   received will be rewarded.

- Other additional services offered on or on any other Rent-A-Bookkeeper, Inc   promotional materials are excluded from this offer.

Here are some popular and effective ways which you could use to get referrals:

Tell your family and friends.

  • Most people don't think of this even though it’s so obvious. Chances are, they do not know about it. They may or may not want to participate, but it can't hurt to ask. Just make sure you don't exaggerate. Just tell it as it is: “they could earn extra income for very little effort”.

    You can also invite your online friends in social networks to join, just don’t act too spammy or they might remove you from their friends list; or worst your account might get banned. Create MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages with your referral links and banners in them. Be sure to add personality and content to your pages in order to keep visitors there longer. Once your pages are complete, link your friends and family to them to get the word spreading started.
  • Revenue Hits - Make up to $100 per referral! Revenue Hits provide additional ways to earn money if you have a blog or website. They work similar to google ad-sense.

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Through social network (Facebook) Facebook is only social network, where you will be able to get many referrals. It is the second largest website after google with billion of members. and it is the biggest market place, for every marketers. Earlier people depends, on google search engine but now a days it sucks because of its changing algorithm. With less work , you can get many referrals in fb. So, first of all create a FB account. make many friends. everyday send atleast 10 friend request, not more than that because sending more friend request may cause you ban for some days. so, once your friend will grow, post your referral link in your timeline with your payment proof. Do, it 3 or 4 times a day. Create your fb page. collect as many as like possible. Once your like grow then post your referral link and payment proof in your page. Do, it 3 or 4 times a day. Create a fb group like (online earning or work from home) and also join as many as group possible which has more than 10,000 members and everyday share your link in each group.

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