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                         Make Money Online Quickly


   So, you wanna learn how to make money online quickly? Well, so do thousands of other people. You’ve probably even seen those $97 eBook that promise they will show you the "secret” to making tens of thousands of dollars while watching TV or playing games. That’s not going to happen. There are ways to make money online quickly, but these methods will never make you enough money so you can retire when you 21 years old. I’m not trying to sell you anything, so take it from, making money online is a process that takes time just like everything else in life does. You don’t plant seeds and find flowers the next day. You wait months till the flowers show, but the wait is worth it.


Earning money online quickly is possible, though the income you will make will probably just pay for a few video games or nights out tops. These methods will usually only require a few hours work and will only make you cash in the short term, so if you’re looking to start a real online business, then this is not for you. But if you’re just trying to make a bit of cash to pay for that new iPhone you got, this is for you.

We’re going to go old school and start off with selling things on eBay and Craigslist. You know all that junk you have lying around in your garage/room? You can make money on Craigslist by selling your stuff their. Like the saying goes…”one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” (or something like that). This is the fastest way to make money online. Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than this. Just put up an ad on Craigslist for your old PS2 games and you will start getting tons of emails from potential buyers in a matter of minutes. The best time to post on Craigslist is a Monday morning, which is when everyone is checking out the site after returning to work after the weekend.

The second way to make money online quick is to do a bit of freelancing. You can check out forums like Webmaster-Talk and DigitalPoint where you find people looking for designers/coders/writers and are willing to pay instant cash for a quick job. If you can write three or four articles per hour, then you could easily make a couple hundred extra dollars each month by writing in your free time. Or if you’re really good at Photoshop and can design a logo in a few minutes, you skills will be widely appreciated. The freelance market is so huge that it’s crazy/scary! Lot’s of people earn money online part time from working on various projects. (Check out eLance as well!).

Flipping websites is another great method to make some quick cash online. Although this method will take quite a bit longer than the other ones mentioned, it will allow you to work at your own pace. Just spend a few days setting up a new site, adding content, making a logo, and all that kinda stuff, then put it up for sale on some webmaster forum for a hundred or two hundred bucks.


                                                          10 Ways to Make Quick Money Online


Share Pirated eBooks

Plenty of people are looking for free copies of the eBooks I mentioned in the first step, but they don’t really want to pay for them. If you are sneaky you will find places to download these ebooks. The method is to share these ebooks on other dodgy forums, but before uploading them, update all the affiliate links in the ebook with your own affiliate links. You might make some money?

This is kind of an offline method, but it does work. Your task is to give away free websites. You target small businesses, or Mum and Dad types working from home. The package comes with a free domain, and 2 hours of setup time. I would set them up with a self-hosted WordPress blog, and chuck on a professional looking theme. There are plenty of them out there. The catch is that they must signup to your hosting service to get the free site. You then sign them up to your Hostgator reseller hosting service which you sell them for something like $19.95 a month. You only need to signup 2-3 clients to be making a profit, and if you are a really good face to face marketer, 200 clients will make you a pretty good living at $4000 a month. Another strength to this method is you also have a set of clients to sell SEO services to, or premium theme subscriptions to sites like elegant themes, or theme forest. I don’t think this method is that evil, in fact it’s a fairly solid business plan. But it does pray on the fact that a lot of people don’t understand the costs of web hosting, or the business involved with selling reseller hosting.

  1. Write crappy Internet marketing eBooks

    The idea is to promise the world in the title. Something like: "How I make $500 Every Day with less than 20 minutes work”. Then you fill the eBook with common sense SEO information freely available online on many forums and blogs. This method is evil because the content should be free, it’s common sense for most IM’ers, and the headlines of these eBooks always over promise. Plenty of people make more than $500 a day online using SEO, but I bet the eBook isn’t a golden ticket to success. You will find many such eBooks on Clickbank, and on the Warrior forum.

  2. Youtube CPA offers

    There is a lot of traffic to be had on Youtube. IM’ers (Internet Marketers) are always after methods to make money from it. CPA= Cost Per Action….so you get paid if someone does some particular action, like sign up for something, or fill out a form or survey. The method here is to upload a video that has a chance of going viral. A popular music video that has just been released, or re-upload an ad for a new technology product. Then place a link in the video description that links to a domain with a CPA relating the video. ..if it is a music video, you might get some conversations from ringtone offers and they pay well. You should also watermark the video with your link to help get more interest.

  3. Autoblogs

    I mentioned these in my first list back in 2007, but I called them scraper sites. The idea is the same. You setup a self-hosted WordPress blog, then use automation software like WP robot to pull fresh posts from other blogs. Most of these will eventually find their way to the google sandbox for duplicate content issues, so the idea is to make lots of them, and keep making new ones all the time. Some will probably make you some money.

  4. Sell footer links in WordPress themes

    The idea here is that you make a WordPress theme…you will need to use something like Artisteer if you don’t have any wordpress experience. Or you could pay someone to make a half decent theme. If the theme is any good you shouldn’t have too much trouble selling links in the footer. You then give the theme away for free. Add it to all those WordPress theme directories out there. Anyone who installs the theme will be giving the people who have paid for the links valuable backlinks, so they will be happy. You will want to encrypt the footer so people don’t remove the links though.

  5. Sell text links

    You don’t even need your own a site. All you need to do is find blogs that have high PR, build up a good list. Then sell link packages on IM forums. Something like 10X PR5-6 links. A tool like Scrapebox is great for harvesting good links. When people buy packages, post comments on these blogs, where the URL links back to the person’s site. Probably good to target do-follow blogs like this one.

  6. Facebook marketing

    Our goal is to make a popular fan page on a niche topic. First you need to setup a new Facebook account. You don’t want to lose you actual account if this goes wrong, so make a new one. Add a nice looking picture as your profile of someone who looks real. Now you need to add as many friends as possible. There are methods to speed up this process but the goal is to get a few thousand friends. Lots of people are vein with facebook friend numbers and want to look like they know lots of people, so will happily add you if your normal enough looking. Once you have a good amount of friends, you setup a fan page about your niche topic. Something like weight loss is good, or acne if you have lots of younger friends. Title your page with a catchy title that has good keywords, as it will show in facebook search. Now suggest your page to all of your new friends. When someone "likes” your page, a link goes in their newsfeed saying they like your page. If you get enough likes things can go viral here and it can grow pretty fast. Once you have a good amount of likes, you start adding regular content relating the niche to your page.…”read this great inspirational weight loss story” etc. Every now and then put an affiliate link to a CPA offer that relates. Content you add to the page gets added to their feed, so it will get looked at by many of them. If you have a good amount of followers you can make good dosh using this method.

  7. Twitter spamming

    Like Facebook, twitter is a huge social network that is growing all the time. Tweets have a very low click through rate, so you need thousands of followers to make money from twitter. It can be used for legitimate business, or for sending out spam DM’s or tweets. The trick is to try and get followers from a certain demographic so you can target them with CPA offers. If you have a CPA that only pays for female traffic from the US, follow lots of females for the US and hope some follow you back. Blatant IM Twitter spammers will follow 100’s of people at a time, then un-follow those that don’t follow back.

  8. The Black Hat SEO Method

    Black hat SEO is a term that defines SEO that is less ethical. Although not always illegal it tends to involve morally questionable techniques. Either link spamming, or some form of deception. Tools of the trade are software like Scrapebox, SE Nuke, Xrumer and Bookmarking demon. These are all very good link building tools that can effectively build the link profile of a site very fast, but be careful, these tools can also cause carnage.

       10. Elance is the site where you can find more opportunities like Data-entry, Web-researching, app development, web designing, article writing .

         - Data-entry and web researching: $3-10/hourly

         - Web designing and SEO: $10-15/hourly

         - App development and  android development: $10-40/hourly

         - Article writers and content writers:$10-25/hourly

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